My first month as a new hire at Salesforce

Why Salesforce?

Sunny Patneedi
2 min readSep 21, 2015

After quitting by previous job and returning from a 4-month travel, I wanted to join a team/company that challenges me with opportunities to learn new skills and grow. So I started speaking to my contacts and connections across several tech companies. I immediately got intrigued by Salesforce after talking to friends who are current and ex-employees. The company culture and professional growth/opportunities sounded similar to what I was looking for. A friend who is an ex-Salesforce employee, told me he wished he hadn’t moved in the first place and was looking into moving back. The testaments from these friends and my conversations with the Salesforce hiring manager, are the primary reasons why I chose to work at Salesforce.

3 things that I liked within my first month at Salesforce

The motivation to build and maintain trust among the users, is the best part of joining Salesforce. This company is laser-focused to deliver great experiences. This is drilled into the minds of every new hire at orientation and every employee breathes this company motto.

When I first heard the phrase ‘Aloha culture’, I joked with my Salesforce friends if this meant going to work on island-time and having siestas at work?! :) Thankfully, that’s not the case. Even though there are hammocks to relax around the office and lots of folks wear Hawaiian shirts on Fridays, the environment is professional, caring and competitive in a healthy way. At Salesforce, aloha culture means having a spirit of being genuine, inclusive, caring, and compassionate, enjoying a healthy dose of fun and treating those around you like family.

On my first day at Salesforce, I had my badge, laptop, a copy of CEO Marc Benioff’s Behind the Cloud book, company goodies, backpack for the laptop and the goodies, access, checklist to request additional access and a support group for new hires to reach out for any issues and questions. My standing desk was ready to go with my desktop (not Windows but Linux!) setup. All new hires are also enrolled for two weeks of orientation/bootcamp to get familiar with the processes within the company. The process overall felt easy and quick to get you started!

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