Big Data lessons from Werner Vogels (AWS)

Sunny Patneedi
1 min readMar 12, 2016

Just finished watching a brilliant talk on Big Data by Werner Vogels, VP of AWS at Amazon. If you enjoyed that, I would also recommend checking out his latest blog post — 1o lessons from 10 years of AWS

Here are some of my key takeaways:

  1. Build security from ground up — not after building your product for a final validation. Design systems with security integrated in them.
  2. Bigger is better — with more data you can almost always make a more useful and accurate prediction. If you are building models, this is your lifeline to ensure you have a solid product in the end.
  3. APIs are forever— design it right the first time. It’s extremely hard to change once they start getting used. I’ve personally seen and learnt this lesson the hard way in my past projects.
  4. Avoid “Gatekeepers” like the plague — don’t tell the client what they can or can’t do based on current limitations. Keep innovating and leave the door open for new opportunities.

Hope these resources help you with wherever you are in your journey with Big Data.



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